Kings and Gods


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Who are we?


It is the globe symbol which conveys the false idea, for press and public. That symbol does not attest to the realistic extent of the Earth or the Earth’s factual relation to the Universe whole. It is simply a convenience of archaic theory: it was never anything else.

F. Amadeo Giannini

Author of Worlds Beyond the Poles

Kings and Gods

This presentation is based on my research over the years, it may not be reality, it’s just my point of view of how everything might work on this level of our life experience. It is also based on my own experience, things that i can see, feel, talk and touch.

I’m aware that you might feel uncomfortable as you go along with this information, that is not my intent, feel free to stop anytime you want.

Here, i will not talk about the monetary system, politics, religion and health system, this topics are well known to the people that are aware and awake to the lies of this world. I will also not talk about New Age movement truths. Here i’ll go a bit deeper, some of the topics might be familiar, some might not…

This desire for the Truth started when i was 33 years old (no, i’m not a member of the illuminati), till there i was what we can call a normal person, school, friends, family, music, work, relationship, daughter, you see my point… One day something changed, my life was never the same… Before you start this quest i would like to tell you a bit about it…

It was night time, i had a normal day, just like most of the days, after dinner i would sit in front of the computer to check the news, my Facebook status, listen to some music…you know, normal stuff for a guy o lives alone, some of the days i had my friends around but on that particular night i was alone. I was scrolling down on my Facebook when I came across an image, was an image of a protest in Brazil, had never seen so many people coming together to protest against the government, that’s when something happened…something special… I started to feel a strange goodness, it was like when we fell in love, I think it is the best way to describe what I felt at that time, as if someone or some imaginary force was present with me and took away the blindfold that was covering my eyes without ever realizing that I had it and tells me “now you can see!” It didn’t last long, about 7 seconds,  i was able to perceive a reality that was unknown to me. I’ve been able to see most of the lies that have infused us since we were born, for a few seconds I was in shock, until I realized that I was looking at myself from above and then, I ended up crying. I realized that there was a war and I was a warrior, a huge will to change the world seized me.

After I calmed down, the first thing that came to my mind was to look for videos of the “Anonymous”, I knew the existence of this movement, I felt that it could help me to realize what had just happened to me and everything was starting to make sense, after all the world was not what I thought it was.

This was just the beginning of my journey and here I am today, sharing all that I have learned.

This presentation is based on 3 chapters:

The Earth and the Infinite Plane

Chapter 1

Who are we, where do we came from?

Chapter 2

Conclusion and the awakening

Chapter 3

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