Shipping Details

With which company do you ship?

We ship all orders using UPS.

What is included with my order?

Each order includes the ring you order with a Kings and Gods branded ring box.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, a tracking number will be provided for your convenience.

Shipping Time

How long does it take to receive my order?

  • Our delivery time includes both the crafting of your ring and shipping.
  • The overall estimated delivery time is between 2 to 4 weeks.
  • To know more please check here.

Taxes and Import Fees

Are there any additional taxes or import fees?

  • No for customers from the European Union and the United States, the price indicated already include taxes.
  • For non-EU and non US customers, please be aware that your country's customs authorities may impose additional taxes and import fees. These fees are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the product or shipping prices. We recommend checking with your local customs office for more information before placing your order.

14-Day Exchange Policy

What is your exchange policy?

We offer a 14-day exchange policy to exchange rings in case your ordered the wrong size (as per our standard US size offering).

Can I exchange a standard size ring?

Yes, if you ordered a standard size. ring and it doesn't fit correctly, you can exchange it within 14 days of receiving your order. The ring must be in its original condition, unworn, and with all packaging and tags intact.

Does the exchange policy apply to custom sizes?

No, this exchange policy only applies to standard US sizes. Custom size rings are considered personalized items and are non-exchangeable.

Initiating an Exchange

How can I initiate a size exchange?

If you need to initiate a size exchange for a standard US size ring, please contact our customer support within 14 days of receiving your order. We'll guide you through the process to ensure you receive the correct size.

Are there any terms and conditions for exchanges?

Yes, this exchange policy is subject to our standard terms and conditions. Additionally, any shipping costs associated with the exchange, may be the responsibility of the customer.

Silver Finish

My ring have turned darker over time, how is this possible?

Silver jewelry can tarnish due to a natural process called oxidation. When silver comes into contact with air and certain substances, it undergoes a chemical reaction that causes it to darken.

Is silver tarnish considered normal?

Yes, tarnishing is a normal characteristic of silver jewelry. It is a natural reaction and does not indicate a flaw in the quality of the silver.

How can I prevent silver rings from tarnishing?

While tarnishing is inevitable, proper care can help slow down the process. Good practices we recommend are:

  • Avoiding exposing your silver rings to harsh chemicals, such as perfumes, lotions, chlorine, or household cleaning agents.
  • Removing silver rings before swimming, showering, or engaging in activities that may cause them to come into contact with excessive moisture.

How do I clean tarnished silver rings?

To clean tarnished silver rings, you can use a few different methods:

  • Use a mild soap and warm water solution with a soft cloth or toothbrush to gently scrub the surface of the silver rings.
  • Create a paste using baking soda and water, apply it to the tarnished areas, and gently rub with a soft cloth before rinsing and drying.
  • Use silver polishing cloths or silver cleaning solutions specifically designed for removing tarnish from silver jewelry. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Other Finishes

What is Brass material?

Brass consists of 80% copper, 15% zinc, and 5% tin.

Is there a guarantee for rings made from brass material?

Yes, there is a six-month guarantee for rings made from brass material.

What is the black-color plated finish applied to your rings?

Black-color plated rings are achieved through an electroplating process combined with a colored PU (Polyurethane) coating. To create this finish, we start by applying a very thin layer of palladium and silver to the ring model. Next, a liquid, colored PU coating is carefully applied and cured in the oven during the final step.

What is the yellow gold plating finish applied to your rings?

Rings undergoing a yellow gold plating process are achieved through electroplating, which results in a thin layer of 18K yellow gold covering the model. To provide enhanced protection, we also apply an additional PU (Polyurethane) coating. This combination ensures durability and longevity.